Are you looking for a more youthful, brighter appearance without the need for anesthesia and a surgeon’s table?

A non-invasive, anti-aging procedure, dermal fillers are a proven and effective method of reducing unwanted wrinkles and creases while simultaneously plumping up facial areas that may have lost their fullness. In particular, they can be used to soften facial lines and wrinkles, enhance thin lips and reduce the appearance of scars.

At Perfexion, we offer JUVÉDERM®, the # 1 choice of facial fillers in Canada. FDA approved, this dermal filler has been successfully employed for softening wrinkles. It is also used for:

  • The treatment of acne scars
  • Enhancing facial contours such the jawline and cheek
  • Reducing brow lines
  • Reducing the dark circles under your eyes

In the hands of an experienced professional, Juvederm is a very versatile product with excellent results that can last up to 8 months. To discover more about Juvederm facial fillers or book a consultation with one of our certified practitioners, give us a call at 403.686.2403 or visit perfexionskin.ca.

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